Our Indianapolis, IN construction recruitment firm can find talent for you nationwide

Building a Skilled Construction Team?

Not all construction teams are the same. When you are in need of niche talent for your organization, EnFocus Search can help. From human resources roles to superintendent roles, our Indianapolis, IN construction recruitment firm can help you find all of the employees your organization needs.





No matter what type of candidate you're looking for, we'll make sure you find an employee who can make a positive impact on your company. Call 317-590-3188 today to arrange for construction direct hire services.





What kinds of roles do we fill?

You can come to our construction recruitment firm when you want to fill a wide range of jobs. For example, we'll help you fill:

Safety Manager
Safety Specialist
Safety Technician
Safety Coordinator

Environmental Manager
Environmental Specialist
Environmental Technician
Environmental Coordinator

Compliance Manager
Compliance Specialist

Risk Management
Risk Manager

Want to know more about our construction direct hire services? Reach out to us today, and we'll tell you more.

Industries We Service:


Land Development